Corporate Governance

Contribution to the SDGs

Basic Policy

The FEED ONE Group regards corporate governance as a management priority. Our basic policy is to establish an optimal management structure to ensure efficient, transparent, and sound management practices to gain trust of stakeholders including shareholders, customers, business partners, local communities, and employees, while striving to increase corporate value.

Governance Framework

We aim to expedite decision-making and streamline business execution without compromising the enhancement of supervisory functions. To these ends, we appoint External Directors to enhance the Board of Directors’ risk management framework and ensure transparent management. In addition, we have adopted the Board of Corporate Auditors system, comprising three Corporate Auditors including two External Corporate Auditors to ensure an objective supervision from an independent position over the company’s decision on management and business execution.

  1. 1Matters related to business execution functions
    The Board of Directors, which is composed of Directors and Corporate Auditors, makes important decisions on business executions, and meets once per month in principle. Furthermore, the Executive Committee, which is composed of Executive Officers, in addition to the Board of Directors members, me ets at least once per month in principle to deliberate important matters related to the management.
  2. 2Matters related to audit function
    The Board of Corporate Auditors, which is composed of Corporate Auditors, meets once per month in principle. The methods and results of each Corporate Auditor's audit conducted in accordance with the audit plan established by the Board of Corporate Auditors are reported.
    In addition, we receive reports from the heads of each department regarding the status of operations, and conduct on-site inspections of each branch, factory, and affiliated company as necessary. Corporate Auditors shall audit the execution of duties by Directors, in cooperation with the Accounting Auditor and the Internal Auditing Division.

Employee Code of Conduct

As a member of the FEED ONE Group, we will contribute to the sustainable development of the livestock and fishery industries and create the future of food by ensuring compliance with the highest priority of supplying safe and secure food.

  1. 1Basic policy
    We will always view needs and issues from the perspective of our customers and consumers, work to solve problems, and aim to increase corporate value.
  2. 2Compliance with laws and regulations
    We are aware of our role as members of society and the international community, and strive to maintain social order by complying with laws, corporate ethics, and social norms.
  3. 3Work environment
    We shall respect each other and others, freely and openly exchange opinions, and strive to create a bright, clean, and a comfortable workplace. In addition, we aim for personnel who are highly specialized and always ready to take on new challenges in response to the changing times.
  4. 4Prohibition of unreasonable discrimination, harassment, etc.
    We shall strive to eradicate unfair discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, etc., on the basis of race, creed, gender, social status, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental or physical disability, etc.
  5. 5Fair and equitable transactions
    We shall comply with anti-monopoly laws in all areas of production, sales, and purchasing, and shall deal with all customers with civility and sincerity, and conduct fair and equitable transactions.
  6. 6Elimination of anti-social forces
    We shall not have any relationship with antisocial forces that pose a threat to civil society, and shall never engage in antisocial transactions. In addition, the entire company will take a resolute stance against these antisocial forces, in close cooperation with the police and other external specialized agencies.
  7. 7Entertainment and gifts
    We will not provide any improper economic benefits, political contributions, entertainment, or gifts to public officials, politicians, etc., and will observe socially accepted moderation in dealing with business partners, industry, etc.
  8. 8Thorough information management
    We will use information obtained in the course of business only for the purpose of business and will strictly manage it so that it will not be leaked to outside parties. In addition, we shall fully understand insider trading regulations, thoroughly manage inside information, and shall not trade in the company's stock based on undisclosed inside information obtained in the course of our duties.
  9. 9Disclosure of corporate information
    We will fulfill our social responsibility by disclosing corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner and by enhancing management transparency.
  10. 10Effective utilization and protection of the company's tangible and intangible assets
    We shall strive to effectively utilize and efficiently manage tangible assets such as land, buildings, and office automation equipment, and intangible assets such as know-how, patents, trademarks, and design rights, while strictly managing, protecting, and defending them. In addition, we do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.
  11. 11Contribution to society
    We are aware that we are members of the local and international communities, and strive to contribute broadly to society in order to realize a "better society”.
  12. 12Environmental preservation
    We recognize that environmental conservation efforts are our corporate responsibility, and we are committed to the preservation of the environment and the sustainable development of the livestock and fishery industries.
  13. 13Reporting and correction of violations
    If we discover any violation of this Code of Conduct, we will report it to the internal or external contact point, cooperate in fact-finding investigations regarding the existence or non-existence of the violation, and endeavor to correct the violating behavior. No disadvantageous treatment will be accorded to any officer or staff who reports a violation or cooperates in an investigation.
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