Animal Feed

FEED ONE provides safe and reliable feeds that contribute to productivity improvement by making full use of our development capability built up over many years, plus the latest technologies.
In order to implement the livestock management required by our customers, we make full use of our comprehensive strengths and provide versatile support.

Support for the world's livestock industry

For cattle, pigs, chickens, etc., raised in the livestock industry, compound feeds are made by mixing and processing various raw materials.
Compound feeds are manufactured and supplied with the optimal nutritional balance and form according to the type of livestock and its growth stages.
FEED ONE boasts the industry's top share in all livestock compound feeds in Japan.

Poultry Feed

The poultry performance has been improving year by year, partly because of breed improvement.
We offer an extensive line-up of products for solving various problems at production sites and responding to differentiation needs for livestock products through nutritional design based on poultry experiments at our facilities and analyses of field data.

Types of feed
Layers (rearing and laying period), breeders, broilers, and quail
Form of feed
Mash, crumble, crumble & mash, etc.

Pig Feed

Our products are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of the genetic lines and keep the gut health by the carefully selected ingredients and additives.
We offer a wide range of products in order to meet the variety of demands from our customers.
This ensures that our customers can achieve their goals for promoting the better performance of pigs or pursuing their economic efficiency.

Types of feed
Nursery diets (creep feed, starter, phase 2, phase 3), Grow-Finish diets (grower, finisher),
Sow diets (gilt development, gestation, lactation)
Form of feed
Granule, mash, pellet, crumble, etc.

Cattle Feed

We offer products that pursue productivity and economic efficiency based on the results of research and field data at our testing and research facilities.
By combining the latest nutrition theory and our unique know-how, we have developed products that can meet various needs of the production site.

Types of feed
Milk replacer, starter, for heifers, dairy cattle rearing (for milking and dry periods), beef cattle grower,
beef cattle fattening and breeding of wagyu
Form of feed
Granule, pellet, mash, flake & pellet, flake & pellet & roughage, flake & mash, etc.

Livestock technical services

We can provide comprehensive support and proposals for livestock management, such as feeding hygiene management, disease control, technical information, and the introduction of materials.
Our branch offices, factories, research laboratories, and veterinarians across the country support our customers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.