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Did you know that compound feed is indispensable to produce meat, fish, eggs, milk, and other livestock and fishery products that we eat every day? FEED ONE manufactures that compound feed and delivers it to producers. In addition to producing compound feed, we also raise livestock and fishes at our farms, and sell livestock and marine products to provide safe and reliable livestock and marine products for everyone to enjoy.

Since the merger of the two companies back in 2015, we have been working to optimize our business portfolio and integrate the two companies with different corporate cultures through organizational changes and the establishment and strengthening of business foundations. As a result of inheriting the nearly 100-year history of the two companies prior to the merger and firmly embodying the goal of " ONE = Unity," one of the aspirations we had in our company name at the time, we have achieved growth beyond what we had envisioned and it has become the foundation of the company we have today.

The livestock and fisheries industry are currently facing severe conditions, and expectations for improved productivity and economic efficiency are growing even higher in the field. With the new technologies and services we provide, we will contribute to the sustainable development of the livestock and fisheries industry by improving production performance, labor productivity, and reducing environmental impact, thereby fulfilling our mission to provide a stable supply of safe and secure “food”.

We are committed to giving our utmost effort to create a future of food and to realize a society filled with smiles.
We sincerely appreciate your support and cooperation and will continue to strive for further development.

Hidehiro Shoji
President and Representative Director