Work-style Reform

Contribution to the SDGs

We aim to create a workplace environment and welfare program that provides long-term security and peace of mind.

Although the sequential application of laws related to work style reforms began in April 2019, we have been working from the beginning to create a workplace that is conscious of work-life balance with the aim of securing and fostering talented human resources.

Promotion of paid leave acquisition
We are working to create a culture that encourages employees to be aware of work-life balance by providing consecutive vacations (5 days) and anniversary leave so that employees can take at least 8 days of paid leave.
Paid leave on an hourly basis
Paid leave can be taken in one-hour increments, allowing for flexible time off at your convenience.
Creating a workplace where it is easy to keep working
We have established a system for shorter working hours for childcare (up to the third grade of elementary school) and nursing care, as well as a reinstatement system for employees who left the company due to marriage, childbirth, childcare, etc. We are actively working to create a workplace where it is comfortable for employees to continue working.
Revitalization of internal communication
We are promoting the efficiency of operations through face-to-face communication between remote locations via web conferencing, and through the use of an internal PR magazine and an internal portal site to stimulate internal communication.