Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

The first step in producing feed is to form an image of the future of food,
in terms of contributing to the sustainability of the livestock and fishery industries.
We aim to be a Company that consistently produces food
that is trustworthy and exciting to the palate.
We constantly strive to provide solutions that address the needs and issues of customers and consumers.
To supply our customers with safe and reliable foods in a stable manner,we conduct thorough compliance with regulations.
We develop highly specialized personnel who can grasp changing trends and constantly tackle challenges.
Built trust with thoughtfulness, fairness and humility.


FEED ONE wants to be a company that is always grateful for the bounty of the good earth,
as it contributes to the world's food culture through the production and sale of compound feeds.

The FEED ONE logo crystallizes these thoughts, along with the motifs of earth, sea and sun, in a single image.

At the same time, the logo expresses the energy of life (yellow) and the operations by which it grows:
the livestock industry (green) and the fisheries industry (blue).

Enclosing all of these elements in a shape resembling an egg expresses our desire to deliver
to customers a stable supply of safe, trustworthy feeds.