Medium-term management plan

Medium-term Management Plan

We formulated our medium-term management plan in April 2024.
In preparation for large-scale investments over the next 10 years, we aim to establish a strong and sustainable management foundation and build profitability.

Renewal of management philosophy

Looking ahead to the next decade, we have established a new purpose and revamped our mission and vision.

Newly established Purpose and renewed management philosophy to achieve sustainable growth in response to the drastically changing social environment.
The next decade will be positioned as a phase 2, not an extension from the past.

Long-term Vision

Cash Allocation

Use the funds generated during the six years between the 1st and 2nd stages of the phase 2 to return profits to shareholders and invest in facilities and growth.

Management Indicators for 1st stage in Phase 2

Execute reliable capital investment and achieve cost-conscious management of capital. To achieve this goal, we have reviewed our management indicators.

Shareholder Returns Policy

We think it important to pay out stable dividends from the company profit to our shareholders.
Based on stable dividends, we will aggressively invest in "capital investment", "research and development", and "nurturing human resources" to enable sustainable growth while aiming for a consolidated dividend payout ratio of over 25%.