R&D strategy and structure

Safe, reliable and "delicious" food for everyone

Due to the strong demand for food safety and responsibility, it has long been sought also in feeds for raising livestock and aquatic animals. In order to ensure safety and responsibility in the food chain from raw material procurement to the production site, we are striving to better collect information, improve the accuracy of chemical analysis and hygiene inspection technology, and speed up these processes in Research & Development Division and Aquatic Research Center.

In order to produce higher quality "delicious" livestock products and seafood at low cost, we are working on the development of compound feeds and feeding technologies adapted to each type of physiology based on the nutritional science of livestock and aquatic animals. We will also study how to use various raw materials and food residue that have not been used as compound feeds in the past, and work to commercialize feeds with high cost-performance.

We will keep using real data from customers promptly for research and product development through consulting on feeding technology, epidemiology and hygiene, and further expand our services so that we can quickly supply products that meet customer needs.

We will make the best use of the original technologies we have cultivated so far and increase efforts to contribute to producers of livestock and aquatic animals, as well as to undertake R&D that provides safe, reliable and "delicious" food.

R&D Organization

FEED ONE has a wealth of technology. At the core of these research activities are the "Feed & Livestock Research Department" and "Quality Control Department", which are managed by Research & Development Division, and the " Aquatic Research Center ", which comes under the Aquatic Feed Division.

We not only provide sales support such as R&D and consulting, but also undertake joint research with public institutions and universities, applying the latest technologies obtained through the wide-range gathering of information, both domestically and internationally, to product development and quality control. We also hold seminars to introduce technical information to our customers.

We have a wide variety of staff, including experts in the livestock and aquatic fields, experts in analysis and inspection, veterinarians, and pharmacists.

Research & Development Division

Feed & Livestock Research Department

We breed chickens, pigs, beef cattle, and dairy cattle, undertaking R&D on animal feed and feeding technologies.
In developing new products and technologies, we undertake field tests of the new feed at test farms, and commercialize only those that yield reliable results.
In addition, the Small Animal Section undertakes R&D of beekeeping feed.

Fukushima Research Center
Iwaki Research Center

Quality Control Department

It performs chemical analysis and microbiological tests, and the analytical test results are used for quality control throughout the company.
We consider that the quality and responsibility of feed, livestock products and seafood is a top priority for research and technology management.

Kashima Research Center

Aquatic Feed Division

Aquatic Research Center

We breed tuna, yellowtail, red sea bream and Kuruma prawn and develop aquatic feed and feeding technologies.
We are proactively utilizing plant protein and new raw materials for the replacement of fish meal, which is the conventional raw material and its price rise sharply.