Sustainability Policy

FEED ONE's ESG Philosophy

Our business, which is part of the food value chain with "compound feed" at its core, is based on the blessings of nature and social infrastructure.We will strive to earn the trust of all our stakeholders and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through activities based on our management philosophy and code of conduct, while maintaining harmony with people, society, and the environment.

FEED ONE's Three Materialities

We have formulated three sustainability materialities as management issues for our sustainable growth. Our sustainability efforts to harmonize people, society, and the environment will also be linked to the 17 goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015.

  1. 1Solving Environmental Issues Through Business
    We will work to ensure the sustainable development of both the company and society by solving environmental problems through our business activities, including the active use of food by-products and food loss in our core business of compound feed.
  2. 2Creating Attractive Workplaces, and Prospering in Harmony with Society
    We will strive to promote diversity and create an attractive workplace that is easy and rewarding to work in, based on the belief that employees' own pride and confidence in the company and their abilities are the foundation for providing products and services that satisfy all stakeholders. The company will also fulfill its responsibilities as a member of the local community and provide social support through education, assistance, and donations in order to live in harmony with the local community and enrich people's dietary lives.
  3. 3Strengthening Corporate Governance
    In order to continue to be a company trusted by society, we will further strengthen corporate governance and ensure objectivity and transparency in management by striving to strengthen the company-wide governance system and appropriate information disclosure.