Message from the President

In October 2014, Feed One was born through the merger of Nippon Formula Feed Mfg. Co., Ltd. and Kyodo Shiryo Co., Ltd..

Over the past decade, we have deeply felt the support of our stakeholders, including customers who have purchased our feed, raw material suppliers, logistics and storage partners, financial institutions, and shareholders. Thanks to this support, we have grown to proudly hold a leading position in the Japanese feed industry.

During this time, we faced numerous challenges in the industry environment, including fluctuations in raw material prices, currency depreciation, rising costs, labor shortages, low prices of livestock products, and outbreaks of livestock diseases, as well as a decrease in the number of farming households. However, with a sense of urgency and a commitment to principles of "hands-on management," "customer-centricity," and "unity across the company," all our staff have consistently overcome these headwinds.

As we enter the new fiscal year in April 2024, we recognize that the vision we set at the time of the merger has been achieved through three medium-term management plans over the past ten years. In response to the rapidly changing social environment and to ensure sustainable growth, we have redefined our management philosophy and formulated a new medium-term management plan, viewing it not as an extension of the past but as the first stage of the next decade. We aim to create a positive cycle of proactive investment in facilities and realizing profits.

Furthermore, to focus more clearly on increasing corporate value and improving efficiency, we have adopted KPIs such as EBITDA, ROE, and ROIC. We are committed to managing the company while taking responsibility for achieving these targets.

The feed industry serves as both an essential infrastructure for ensuring the stable supply of safe and delicious domestically produced livestock and fisheries products and as a key player in food recycling, converting food by-products and waste into animal protein. Feed One, as the leading company in this field, will continue to advance with unity among all staff to play a stronger role in Japan's essential needs, not only in the next decade but also in the decades to come.

Hidehiro Shoji
President and Representative Director