Strengthening Corporate Governance

FEED ONE aims to enhance its corporate value by ensuring more objective and transparent management as well as further strengthening and improving the compliance framework.

Corporate Governance

FEED ONE regards corporate governance as a management priority. Our basic policy is to establish an optimal management structure to ensure efficient, transparent, and sound management practices to gain trust of stakeholders including shareholders, customers,
business partners, local communities, and employees, while striving to increase corporate value.

Corporate ethics and Compliance

FEED ONE has defined the following compliance actions based on the Employee Code of
Conduct in order to enhance its corporate value while pursuing solid and efficient corporate

  1. 1Conform to laws and regulations, corporate ethics, and social norms, and strive to maintain social orders.
  2. 2Identify problems from client and consumer perspectives, and focus on solving them to enhance corporate value.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) System

In FY2016, FEED ONE launched ERM activities to manage risks and countermeasures against them on a company-wide basis.
We have established enterprise risk management (ERM) regulations, and have set up risk management promotion teams at each business location. Each year, we work to minimize risk and improve operational efficiency throughout the company by implementing the PDCA cycle of risk identification, analysis, evaluation, and countermeasure implementation.

PDCA STEP1: Identify risks STEP2: Analyze risks STEP3: Assess risks STEP4: Respond to risks STEP5: Monitoring/improvement

Quality and Food Safety Initiatives

"Ensuring compliance management to provide safe and reliable food" is one of our philosophies.
In addition to our feed factories and related food companies have been certified as FSMS (Food Safety Management System) to ensure product safety.