PROJECT STORY Challenge commercializing of the complete farming of Bluefin tuna

We have begun to research the seed production of Bluefin tuna since 1986.
And now, we aim to intensify business base and accelerate (commercialization?) by making a work partnership with the Kyokuyo Co,. Ltd.

BACKGROUND The Background to the Founding of Our Business

In recent years, while the consumption of bluefin tuna has been increasing
both overseas and in Japan, fishing regulations have also been strengthened
in order to protect national resources on an international scale.
In order to make fishery resources sustainable and to ensure a continued supply of bluefin tuna,
it is imperative to make possible seedling production through an artificial instead of a natural process.


We try to establish the Completely farm–raised fish production
and feed system for the construction of the Bluefin tuna farming business.

A Culture system Based on Farm-raised fish.
Culture term or Culture environment
Cycle of the complete farming
Wild juvenile fish(known as Yokowa)100-300g/Fish | 5 Year Cultivation | Broodstock derived from wild stock(known as Yokowa ) 100-250kg | Fish Collection of egg/larvae(fry) | 5 Year Cultivation | Broodstock derived from farm-raised fishes  100~250kg | Fish Collection of egg/larvae(fry) | Shipped fish (adult) 40kg/fish | Cycle of the complete farming | Broodstock derived from farm-raised fishes

ACTION We work on early realization of Complete farm–raising Bluefin tuna.

The Kyokuyo Feed One Marine Co., Ltd. was established in November 2012
through a working collaboration with the Kyokuyo Group,
and we will aim at the shipment of Complete farm–raising bluefin tuna
by combining our fry production technology and feed development with
experiences of bluefin tuna culture in Kyokuyo.In August and September 2014,
we succeeded producing completely farm-raised buluefin tuna fry.
We aim to ship them in the near future

Consideration to the Environment
We work on the development
of the specialized and eco-friendly feed.
The Construction of a Sales Route
We will work on establishing a coherent
business from fry production
to culture and sales.

PROGRESS We will deliver the safe and high-quality aquafeed.

We will work to contribute to Japanese food culture through stable produce
and supply of secure and high-quality bluefin tuna and other aquatic products.
In addition, we also aim to be the worldwide company which makes use of our
original feed design and manufacturing technologies
that we have cultivated over many years.