PROJECT STORY A Leading Company Contributing
to the Global Livestock
and Aquaculture industries.

We are not only to provide a stable supply of safe and convincing formula feeds to the
domestic industries but also to provide security to the food cultures in the world with our
careful eyes widely open at every aspect in them from the raw materials to the final
products on consumers’ tables.

BACKGROUND The goal FEED ONE purse to
achieve in our business efforts in and out of Japan.

To provide products that can be consistently traceable anywhere in the world from the raw materials to the final products on the consumers’ table.
We would like to contribute to societies of the foreign countries where we deploy our business activity with direct or indirect support from our customers in Japan, with whom, we would like to share the delight of the contribution together
Value Chain
We would like  to spread with confidence the value chain we have created to provide security, safety, and a high degree of quality.
We will continue to contribute to the global environmental conservation by providing safety  to the food cultures in the world.

ACTION.1 Feed Business in Vietnam

The number of swine being raised amounts to 28 million. This is three
times more than in Japan. It is the top figure in ASEAN,
and ranks fourth in the world.

Vietnamese production of formula feed has increased at a yearly ratio of about 10%, moving together with increases in meat demand.
Pork is well liked in Vietnam, accounting for about 70% of the total demand for meat.

Vietnam has a population of about 92.5 million people (As of 2014; United Nations Population Fund Estimate)
and the average age of the population is under 30. It is expected that the population will continue to grow,
which will lead to a proportional expansion in the industries of both feed and livestock farming.

Company Name:
Kyodo Sojitz Feed Company Limited
Long An Province, Socialist Republic of Vietnam
August 2011
27 Million USD(About 3.25 Billion JPY)
Shareholder Distribution:
Sojitz Corporation : FEED ONE CO.,LTD = 51% : 49%
Feature of Business:
Manufacture and Sales of Livestock Feed mainly for Swine in Vietnam
Kyodo Sojitz Feed Company Limited Soujitsu Kyoudou Shiryou Gaisha

ACTION.2 Feed Business in India

With a 4.55 million ton annual estimated output of aquaculture products, India is the
second largest market in the world.

Together with the economic development of recent years, the manufacture and consumption of livestock and aquaculture products has
increased at an annual rate of 3% to 5%.

The population is expected to continue to rise, and demand for livestock and aquaculture products is expected to increase through
progress of their manufacturing level towards world’s standard and change in people’s lifestyle.

We expect an increase in demand for aqua feed thanks to continued annual growth in the 5% range and an increase in the diffusion of
formula feed.

Indo-Japanese Joint Venture Corporation

Company Name:
Nippai Shalimar Feeds Private Limited
West Bengal State, Republic of India
March 2014
290 Million INR (About 480 Million JPY)
Shareholder Distribution:
FEED ONE CO.,LTD: Shalimar Group = 50% : 50%
Feature of Business:
Manufacture and Sales of Fishery Feeds, Etc.
Indo-Japanese Joint Venture Corporation

ACTION.3 Aquaculture Business in Indonesia

It ranks third in Aquaculture Production Volumes in the world.

Indonesia is a country made up of 17,000 islands, including five principal islands and archipelagos of medium-size islands. It is blessed
with a natural environment well suited to aquaculture.

We do the research and development in the field of fishery feed and aquaculture technologies for tropical fish. Based on the success and
outcome of this model farm of aquaculture, we aim to expand our business across Southeast Asia.

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Partner Enterprise:
Feature of Business:
Aquaculture Technology
Development for Tropical Fish Aquaculture
Types of Fish Farmed:
Barramundi and Grouper Varieties
The future development and sales of feeds for
aquaculture in Asia.
Indonesian Business

PROGRESS FEED ONE Continues to Challenge Itself on the Global Stage

Through collaboration with our domestic and overseas partners, we are planning to develop
and fulfill the production and the sales overseas. We primarily focus on Asia region, with an aim
to become a global feed manufacturer in the future.

In addition, we make full use of the knowledge and partnerships we have acquired overseas to
provide our domestic customers with better services and business suggestions.