Feed One makes use of the development capabilities
it has acquired over many years
and the latest technologies
to offer safe and secure feeds
that contribute to improvements in productivity
We provide multi-faceted support
making adept use of our comprehensive skills
to help realize the livestock management needed
by our customers.


A total coordinator from the production site to the dinner table

In each phase of its food operations—animal feed, production, processing and distribution—
FEED ONE applies the expertise and operating network that only a feed producer can.
Leveraging those strengths, FEED ONE offers total coordination across the entire supply chain
from food production to delivery of the final product to the customer.
FEED ONE stays ahead of the competition in safety and trustworthiness, with disclosure of producing regions
and production information as well as careful hygiene management.
The delicious flavor of our foods springs from careful selection of feeds and production methods.
Finally, we offer diverse value to customers through product grades and other features
according to customer demands.

Feed Production Partnering with discerning producers throughout Japan, FEED ONE works to improve feeds and growth environments, to achieve high-quality livestock and fishery products. Manufacturing and Processing FEED ONE Group companies and partner plants are scattered throughout Japan, conducting sophisticated processing that responds to customer needs at the highest level. Manufacturing and Processing FEED ONE works closely with major volume retailers and restaurant chains. In addition to offering existing products, FEED ONE cooperates with these business partners to develop private brands. Consumers We regularly canvas the opinions of consumers through feedback from retailers to our processing and production sites. We use this feedback to make our products even better. FEED ONE

A wide range of product ideas, deployed nation-wide

At FEED ONE, all of Japan is our producing region, and the entire nation is our customer base.
Working closely with branches and Group companies throughout Japan,
FEED ONE seeks out superior producers across Japan who can meet customer demands,
to propose products of excellent quality.
These customers (retailers and restaurant operators) are also located throughout Japan
and are working hard to offer stable supplies and new products to their customers.

A wide range of product ideas 1
A wide range of product ideas 2
A wide range of product ideas 3


FEED ONE is in the top class of feed producers who also handle meat.
To meet customer needs, we find the ideal combination of elements for each meat product,
including feed, production method and product type, and deliver products and services that ensure customer satisfaction.
Drawing on its strength as Japan’s No. 1 producer of pig feed by market share,
FEED ONE works hard to develop products not yet found in Japan’s market, focusing on domestically raised pork

Tsukuba Ajiwai Pork

Tsukuba Ajiwai Pork

Using ingredients such as sweet potatoes, FEED ONE creates mixed feeds with just the right balance of fatty acids
to raise delicious pork with a slightly sweet flavor.
FEED ONE invests its expertise in feed to raise name-brand pork that is a cut above the competition.
We handle only pork that has cleared a raft of rigorous inspections. We also regularly invite the opinions of customers and specialists, to effect constant improvement of our feeds and production systems and maintain consistent, high quality.

Four Distinct Characteristics of Ajiwai Pork

  1. 1.The pig feed is designed for excellent meat quality,
    with ingredients such as sweet potato and wheat,
    to bring out the natural flavor of the pork.
  2. 2.A high-quality breed of pig (LWD) is used,
    resulting in fine muscle fiber for firm meat quality.
  3. 3.The meat is packed in a safe, secure combined slaughterhouse and cutting plant with the highest standards of hygiene management.
  4. 4.A rigorous vaccination program ensures that pigs can be
    managed without antibiotics.
Four Distinct Characteristics of Ajiwai Pork

Careful Feed Selection

Sweet potato is used to to promote fatty tissue rich in oleic acid, which is said to be tender and flavorful.
Because pigs are fed a specialized all-vegetable feed of carefully selected ingredients, FEED ONE succeeds in raising pork with beautiful, white fat and little odor.

Careful Feed Selection

Hen’s Eggs

Eggs are an indispensable part of most people’s daily diet.
At FEED ONE, we partner with poultry farms across Japan to sell delicious eggs (both raw and processed)
of dependable quality and food safety.
Our rigorous quality and hygiene management enable us to serve our customers’ wide-ranging needs.

Magic Pearl

Magic Pearl

Magic Pearl, a flavored, boiled egg, is a pioneering snack food that has long been a popular staple
at train-station kiosks, supermarkets and convenience stores.
In 2014 Magic Pearl won the coveted Monde Selection Silver Quality Award, chiefly for its rich, moist yolk and exquisite saltiness.
Magic Pearl is a versatile snack, suitable for picnics, spectator sporting events, meals at home and more.

■ Manufacteurs
What is Magic Pearl?
1. Only eggs from contract-designated farms are used, to ensure food safety and reliability.

Only eggs sourced from farms designated by contract are used to make Magic Pearl. Magic Pearl is produced from eggs freshly laid
by hens and gathered no more than two days before processing. Each product is individually inspected, ensuring excellent food
safety and reliability.

2. The yolk has a delightfully oozy semi-hard-boiled texture.

Familiar to Japanese consumers as a flavored, boiled egg sold in a net at station kiosks, Magic Pearl is prepared by a unique recipe
handed down over generations. The egg whites are semi-hard-boiled, the yolk has a soft, wonderfully oozy texture, and the flavor
has just the right tang of saltiness. Whereas other flavored eggs are merely salty, Magic Pearl stands out for its rich, mellow flavor.

3. Magic Pearl is a recipient of a Monde Selection quality award.
2014年 モンドセレクション 銀賞受賞

In 2014 Magic Pearl became the world’s only flavored-boiled-egg product to win the Monde Selection Silver Quality Award.
This award testifies that, thanks to a long history of quality-focused amberjack production, Magic Pearl is highly evaluated on
international standards. Today the two-egg Magic Pearl package is proudly sold with the Monde Selection label affixed.

※The product that earned the Monde Selection award is the two-egg package produced by HIGASHINIHON MAGIC PEARL CO., LTD.
The Magic Pearl produced by NISHINIHON MAGIC PEARL CO., LTD and its net packaging are not included in the award.
  • Magic Pearl
  • Magic Pearl
  • Magic Pearl


FEED ONE meets customer needs with high-quality fish from both domestic and international sources, focusing on farm-raised fish.
From filet and loin to sushi toppings, FEED ONE sells fish and fish products in various types and degrees of processing.
From production, where utmost care is taken to preserve flavor and freshness, through processing and sale,
FEED ONE constructs a chain of diligent traceability.

Key products handled: Red sea bream, amberjack, greater amberjack, coho salmon, tiger prawn, sea trout.

Ojika-no-Gin (coho salmon)

Ojika-no-Gin (coho salmon)

Ojika-no-Gin coho salmon is distinctive for its vivid hues, firm flesh and the faintness of its odor.
It is most flavorful from spring to early summer. Delicious when grilled, Ojika-no-Gin is also a pleasure to eat raw.

Stock-raising Environment
On the tip of the Ojika Peninsula, the banks of the Ayu River look out on Mount Kinka.
The fishing grounds between the Ojika Peninsula and the island of Ajishima are tempered by furious tides and low water
temperatures, yielding fish of firm texture. Floating in these waters, FEED ONE’s fish preserve is constantly replenished
with fresh water by the rapid tides. Here FEED ONE’s designated producers work diligently to cultivate fish of outstanding quality.
We carefully select all feeds, with the expertise only a feed producer can bring.
  • ■ Adoption of Expanding Feed
    To make the most effective use of judiciously added nutrients, FEED ONE adopts expanding feed pellets,
    yielding a healthy fish stock.
  • ■ Addition of powdered Veitch’s bamboo
    FEED ONE also mixes powdered Veitch’s bamboo, a widely used health food, into its EP feed.
  • Ojika-no-Gin (coho salmon)
  • Ojika-no-Gin (coho salmon)