Livestock Feed

Feed One makes use of the development capabilities
it has acquired over many years
and the latest technologies
to offer safe and secure feeds
that contribute to improvements in productivity.
We provide multi-faceted support
making adept use of our comprehensive skills
to help realize the livestock management needed
by our customers.

Livestock Feed Hogs for Pork
Livestock Feed Dairy Cattle
Livestock Feed Broiler Chichen

Supporting the World’s Livestock Industry

Feed mixtures combine and process a range of raw ingredients
to create feeds for cattle, hogs and chickens being raised in the livestock industry.
We manufacture and supply feed mixtures that correspond to various kinds of livestock
and stages of development, which optimum nutritional balance and physical form.
Feed One continually works to develop feeds using the latest technologies,
supporting the livestock industry both in Japan and across the world.

Formulated feeds
that support rapid
changes of body weights
by phase feeding.
Hogs for Pork
Formulated feeds that
use designs suited
for different genetic
lines and are optimized
for improved egg qualityyields
and the production of strong
eggs with strong shells.
Egg-Laying Hens
Broiler Chickens
Feeds that aim
to realize not only
improved feed efficiency
and meat yields,
but aim to create
delicious meats.
Broiler Chickens
Dairy Cattle
Feeds that
increase milk yields,
improve the milk's
makeup, and maximizes
the possible milking
production life.
Dairy Cattle
Beef Cattle
Feeds that contain
components, ingredients and
physical properties that
give consideration to
increasing body size and
excellent meat quality,
corresponding to the
characteristics of the
meat of each breed and
different fattening stages.
Beef Cattle

Delivering Exacting Products from Safe and Secure Ingredients

Many kinds of ingredients are used in feed mixtures, ranging from grains,
chaff, and bran to vegetable oil meals and animal derived ingredients.
Based on the livestock nutrition science for each type of livestock, development stage,
region and growth environment we perform our mixing with optimum nutritional balance.
Our company manufactures its products using only safe and secure ingredients with clearly
indicated areas of origin that have cleared our quality requirements.

Rice Bran
Rice Bran
Corn Gluten Feed
Corn Gluten
Soybean Oil Meal
Oil Meal
Rapeseed Oil Meal
Oil Meal
Powdered Skim Milk
Skim Milk
Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Phosphate

Major Physical Forms of Feed Mixtures

Our feed mixtures are made in a variety of physical forms based on the kind of livestock.
Just like humans, livestock have different developmental stages including youth and maturity.
Our products contain ingredients that optimize them to each developmental stage.

Mash (Powder)
Flakes and Pellets
Flakes and
Bulky (Flakes, Pellets and Coarse Feed)
(Flakes, Pellets
and Coarse Feed)

Assured Development Capabilities

The Kyodo Shiryo Co., Ltd. and
Nippon Formula Feed Mfg Co., Ltd.are combining the development capabilities
they have cultivated over more than 60 years with the technological capabilities
as shown by the industry top class number of public patents they hold to develop products.
They will contribute to improvements in customers’ productivity based on their “comprehensive capabilities”
that allow them to approach issues from a range of angles
including adopting new ingredients and collaborating with overseas research institutions.

Assured Development Capabilities 1
Assured Development Capabilities 2
Assured Development Capabilities 3

Complete Services that Make Good Use of Technology

We are capable of providing our customers’ livestock management
with comprehensive support and recommendations
including that for cultivation management, technological information and materials.
All of our stores, factories and research centers will provide support to our customers.

Environmental Measurements

The cultivation environment for livestock and
fowl is an important factor in the stable manufacture
of stock farm products.
In performing environmental measurements
we can help our customers resolve the problems
and issues they face and their causes.

Environmental Measurements (Ventilation)

We Offer the Latest Mix Designs
Based on the Latest Dairy
Cattle Nutritional Theories

AAMPS (Amino Acid and Metabolizable Protein System) *
using our company’s unique design-based mixing system
we inquire about the customer’s environment and problems
and respond in a speedy manner.

We Offer the Latest Mix Designs Based on the Latest Dairy Cattle Nutritional Theories
*AAMPS is a trademark of Provimi North America

Confirming Back Fat Thickness with the Lean Meter

One of the most important points for maximizing the productive success of breeding sows
is to ensure they do not become overweight during the course of their lives.
Our company uses a lean meter to measure back fat thickness,
supporting the management of our customers’ breeding sows by objectively viewing the condition of those sows.

Confirming Back Fat Thickness with the Lean Meter 1
Confirming Back Fat Thickness with the Lean Meter 2
Confirming Back Fat Thickness with the Lean Meter 3

Design Support for Liquid Feeding

We turn product losses that occur at food processing facilities and storefronts into liquid feed.
In recent years consideration has been given to the effective use of resources and to the global environment,
and because of this the number of customers introducing liquid feed has been increasing.
Our company will contribute to the manufacture of stable quality meat by providing recommendations
and support for base mixes that combine the customers’ liquids
with nutritional components that supplement the liquids’ condition.

Design Support for Liquid Feeding 1
Design Support for Liquid Feeding 2

Proposing a Range of Materials for Inside the Barn

A wide range of consumables, building materials and machinery are necessary at the production site ranging
from trays and other disposables to roofing materials.
Our company carries products from a Dutch pig farming materials manufacturers
as well as from a range of Japanese manufacturers.
We provide recommendations based on the needs of the customer.

Proposing a Range of Materials for Inside the Barn 1
Proposing a Range of Materials for Inside the Barn 2
Proposing a Range of Materials for Inside the Barn 3

with Overseas Research Institutions

More than anything, on-site strength and speed are the keys
to technological development. We provide a range of the latest technological
information related to livestock farming using the overseas network
our company has constructed over the course of many years.
In working to improve the skills of each individual employee
through training sessions both in Japan and abroad, we will carry out speedy
and high-quality information transmission and follow-ups to our customers.
We will continue to forge a pioneering path in the areas of feed development
and feed management technologies as a leading company in the feed industry.

AKEY A Leader in Nutrition Solutions Since 1963
Collaboration with Overseas Research Institutions