Full-life cycle aquaculture of Pacific Bluefin Tuna

To preserve valuable natural resources and supply Pacific Bluefin Tuna stable

With the number of wild Pacific bluefin tuna decreasing worldwide due to overfishing, the need for farmed Pacific bluefin tuna is increasing year by year.
Until now, Pacific bluefin tuna farming has mainly focused on "fattening" in which wild fry and juvenile are caught and raised.
Since 1986, FEED ONE has taken on the challenge of "Full-life cycle aquaculture" which does not affect natural resources by raising adult fish from eggs , and began shipping fully farmed tuna in 2017.
We are still researching and developing special feeds for Pacific bluefin tuna that will help reduce the environmental impact and improve our aquaculture technology.
We will continue to deliver delicious Pacific bluefin tuna with consideration for aquatic resources.