Pacific Bluefin Tuna Aquaculture

We started research on Pacific bluefin tuna seed production in 1986.
KYOKUYO FEED ONE MARINE CO., LTD., a joint venture of KYOKUYO CO., LTD. and our company, is playing a major role in producing fully farmed Pacific bluefin tuna with a sustainable aquaculture technology, reducing the impact on natural resources.

Background of the business

In recent years, while the consumption of tuna has increased not only in Japan but also abroad, international fishing regulations have been tightened to preserve natural resources.

In order to continue to utilize sustainable aquatic resources and to supply Pacific bluefin tuna for the future, it is essential to produce eggs and seeds using artificial seeds as a broodstock without relying on wild fish fry.

Our goals

We aim to establish a business model for full-life cycle aquaculture of Pacific bluefin tuna, starting from the production of artificially farmed broodstock to fully farmed fish, and establish a feeding system.

Aquaculture with artificial seeds

Full-life cycle aquaculture

Successful shipment of fully farmed Pacific bluefin tuna

In fiscal 2014, we succeeded in releasing fully farmed tuna which has an atifical seed as broodstock off the coast, and in November 2017, we named fully farmed Pacific bluefin tuna, "Hon-maguro-no kiwami, TUNAGU", and began shipping it.

Environmentally friendly aquaculture

We are working to reduce the environmental impacton aquaculture farm by developing specialized feed and improving business efficiency.

Value chain creation

We have created a value chain starting from the production of artificial seeds to aquaculture and sales.

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